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Feb. 2nd, 2009

Frankly...I was really, really disappointed.
Like, episode five Dist got gypped of time, boss fight, and character and was defined as a comic relief only kind of disappointed.

The Absorption Gate was my favorite dungeon in the game.  It really was, even though it's SUCH a colossal pain in the ass to get through the first time around >__>;

The first shot of it from the Albiore had me in awe: All the fonons swirling upward, a relentless cycle of fonons and power and beauty.  When I landed I loved it even more: It was slightly eerie but even more beautiful, and dreadful all at the same time.

In the anime...it looked like a rock.  With a hole.  And there was no intricate passageways...there was one long spiral downward with Van at the end.  Okay, I understand saving time and yadda yadda.  I also realize this is why Luke and Tear were the only ones to get separated from the group, but I still wanted to see some interaction from the other group >__<;;

Anyway, throughout the entire dungeon in the game, the organ music gets more prominent and the "DOOOOM" feeling descended on you as you slowly got lower and lower, and you were getting annoyed because you wanted to fight Van, but at the same time you didn't want to get there.  Everything felt like a final dungeon (even though Eldrant makes the Absorption Gate look like...a tiny screaming asian man pointing up at Godzilla), and the tension was mounting in my chest.

Frankly, when I got to Van and his organ...in the game, I cracked up.  It was cliche, for me, and....Van playing an organ wasn't something I expected in the bottom of the "final" dungeon.  Here...well, the organ looked KICK ASS...but the sound kinda hurt my ears :/  I reeled back a little bit.  Also disappointed at the lack of full group confronting Van.  That, to me, showed you that the anime was nowhere near done.  Also, the animation got weird here, which was a love/hate thing for me.

The fight.
I was so disappointed I didn't want to watch the rest of the episode, frankly.  For a confrontation with the big baddie himself, it felt...overdramatic and overexaggerated.  Van was waaayyyy more powerful than Luke.  And all that building up, all that time saving for the battle to last oh, a minute and a half at most?
I did like Guy and Jade coming in, though.  Guy was ass-kicking, and Jade's flourish was nice to see (dunno why I liked it, I just did).
But Anise and Natalia sorta stood there like "Waste of spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace 8D;"

Van's "death"...not very believable >___>
Danni says:
He staggerz around and practically jumps in the core
Danni says:
Danni says:
Mousie says:
Mousie says:

The whole land-lowering?  Disappointment.  Again.  They didn't even show the land-lowering or how Asch really helped, although that'll probably be explained in the dialogue since you do get a faded bg of Asch's face outlined in the goldy hyperressonance-speak.

Lorelei's back! 8D  I like his Japanese voice.

Jade talking, Tear angsting in the background, Natalia saying something along the lines of "Thank goodness!" I'd assume, since I no spk Japanese plz, and there were no subs.

Then suddenly, CUT TO ONE MONTH LATER.
No leaving the gate or anything.
Yeah, fuck me indeed, Sunrise D:

Sudden Albiore appearance wtf?
Although I suppose dialogue will explain.
Something about happy to see Noel, Sheridan, Asch, yeah I'm b---ASCH WTF?! LET'S GO FIND HIM.
So off to Yulia City, which looks beautiful in daylight.

In the end, run off, let's go to Daath!

Now, this is me being really bitchy, because I'm very disappointed in what was supposed to be this giant buildup of anticipation, adreniline, pride, awe, and then shock as the game's like "LOL I FOOLED YOOOOU, YOU GOT A WAYZ TO GO, SUCKER".

The next episode looks like a bawlfest, though.
1) Frings dies.
2) Ion in fireyredness with his hands held out--99.99% sure he's doing to die next episode...;_________;
3) Replicas appear, ANGST EVERYWHERE.

10 - 1 meme.

Poor LJ, still a dump for everything.

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:
- "...I miss you SERIOUSLY A LOT I wish there was a way I could contact you more frequently.  Talking to you always makes me smile and makes me feel genuinely happy when I'm about to burst from peoples' bullshit."
- "I'm really uncomfortable around you.  I wish I wasn't, but I am, and it makes me sad, but there's some stuff you've done that upsets me.  I wish you'd stop and give my friend another chance...you'd get along really well."
- "I'm glad we're slowly becoming better friends.  At first I was afraid you didn't like me or that I was seriously obnoxious, but now I see that it's your personality.  It was something I needed to adjust to, and I'm really glad I have."
- "I cannot fix your life.  Stop bugging us and stop asking all these frigging questions we.  Can't.  Answer.  You have to sit down, suck up, and figure it out yourself.  We've already bent over backwards for you, and we can barely keep ourselves together.  If you want us to help you you have to help yourself first.  Get.  Over.  It.  It makes me really upset that I'm this annoyed with you, but I seriously can't take it anymore.  And if you want me to help you, how about I hear everything from you instead of having to drag it out from other people.  Seriously.  It feels like you don't trust me or you don't think I'm mature enough, which is really insulting.  Keep me out of the loop or in it, just don't give me this halfway bullshit.  Grow a pair and get a spine."
- "Whatever you're doing, whatever you feel, it needs to stop.  Seriously.  I've been ready to move on with my life for a long time now and you keep bringing shit up.  Let it go, leave me alone.  I cannot wait until we've graduated and I can just get on with my life.  After high school you are not part of the equation.  Whatsoever.  Take  a hint and beat it."
- "Do you really not see?  Do you not want to?  Either way it really hurts, that you ignore it ever happened.  It's like you didn't even consider it or you didn't take me seriously.  I'm shoving it all down so nothing breaks, but it really, really hurts, more than anything else."
- "...seriously.  Nobody cares about your boyfriend.  He's got some serious issues and so do you for staying with him.  By the way, he's most definitely cheating on you, and you're too blind to see because you think you're in love.  Most high school relationships don't work out, stop talking about 'oh if we get married and have kids.'  I feel sorry for those kids.  And stop bragging about everything you've done.  I don't want to hear this crap in detail, you sound like a tramp.  Please, please stop."
- "Stop taking everything for granted.  I really wish I could just hit you because you don't know what you have.  So fuck you, asshole, you will never in any lifetime get my respect.  You act like a little kid and throw fits when things don't go your way, and honestly it's pathetic and hurtful.  Open your eyes and start treating people with respect they deserve."
- "I'm sorry.  I wish I could care, but I really don't anymore.  I'm almost out of here, and I don't give a crap about an underclassman.  If I did, I would know their name.  Or I'd be friends with them.  It's all bullshit, and I'm done with it and with this school."
- "Despite how much I complain and how miserable I seem all the time...I want you to know I'm happy.  I wish I could tell you, but I can't.  There's a lot of stuff going on with me that people have only scratched the surface of...you've been wonderful and I love you to death.  I wish I could tell you more, but please know, deep down, when all the crap is stripped away...I'm happy."

NINE things about yourself:
- If you call me a fangirl, no matter if it's teasingly or serious, chances are I'll want to punch you for a couple seconds.
- I talk.  A lot.  But I'm horrible at starting conversations, so I have a tendency to babble.
- No matter if it's good or bad, I want to know what people honestly think about me.
- I have zero confidence in myself.  I've tried, but every time I start to feel good about myself something shoots it down with a frigging bazooka.  So I've sorta stopped trying.
- I have such strong affection for fictional characters because as a writer, I understand that characters are people in their own way, even if they don't exist.  And honestly, sometimes they're just the better friends.
- I'm weird.  Seriously weird.  So if you're not willing to put up with it...fuckjoo? =D
- Verrrry sensitive, I am.  Very.  Also squeamish.
- Crippling fear of hospitals, bees/wasps/hornets/yellowjackets, and death.  I mean crippling I will start screaming and crying fear, so it's not smart to tease me or push me about it.
- I love music as much as I love writing.  Unfortunately I have a terrible voice and I'm lazy, so I don't make good music :[  I've been told I have a very good ear for it, and I'd actually agree.  A lot of people say that, but I often find myself hearing things in music most people don't.

EIGHT ways to win your heart:
(There's only going to be one person to completely win my heart.  So I'm just going to put plus factors instead).
- Don't go out of your way to be all cool and impress me.  Honestly, you look like an idiot.  I'd rather you be yourself.
- Knowing when I need a hug and when I need my space.  Start asking my friends how to read me, fo'.  I give weirdass signals all the time :D
- Fancy things are always nice, but an overabundance makes me feel like a spoiled little brat.  Usually simple and small things go a long way with me.
- I like quirks.
- Roll with me when I get all spazzexcited.  Please.  I feel like an idiot if someone throws a cog in there, then I get reallyreally emo because I feel like I screwed up.
- Don't act like the sun shines out your asshole.  Nobody likes that.  Humbleness is good.
- Sense of humor.  In some way.  God, that is a necesity.  Or at least the capacity to deal with mine.  .___.;
- Be there.  if I trust you, I throw everything into it, and I've been crushed a couple of times because I'm too willing to spill my own secrets.  Please don't let me down.  I'm insecure and needy, and if you don't want to deal with it, that's fine, I can understand that.  Just let me know from the get-go.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
- I wonder how Sam/Jill/Francesca/Lauren/Kara/Allison/Ludo is doing.
- JadeJadeJadeDistDistShadowJadeShadowShadowEdgeworthGOD I NEED SOME FUCKING HELP.
- Why the hell did I just say that.  I bet I really freaked them out and I screwedupandohgodI'mgoingtoloseanotherfriendbecauseI'msuchafreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.
- insert story idea here.
- I wonder if I have any deviantArt/Facebook/email messages?
- Is Sam/Ludo/Lauren/Francesca/Kara/Jill online?

SIX things you do before you fall asleep:
-jammyjammy tiiiime.
-say goodnight and "I love you" to Mom, Dad, and Sam.
-read/listen to music
-snuggle under the covers and into my pillow (and my snuggle under the covers I mean I pull them up to my chin)
- lie on my stomach and wrap my arms around the pillow I'm sleeping on.
- think about a story idea until I fall asleep.

FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment:
....you realize I CANNOT PICK FIVE PEOPLE.
How about five pairs? ;D.....
-Sam & Ludo
- Lauren & Allison
- Francesca & Kara
- Jill & Tristan
- Alex and Caitlin
- ...BAWWWWW and Squigglez and Rachael.  I adore them both and school is not complete without talking/silliness without them.

FOUR things you see right now:
-giant widescreen HD TV (I'm definitely downstairs okay)
- Wii
- box of tissues
- my piles of laundry that I need to do before I get in trouble X[

THREE songs that you listen to often at the moment:
I Caught Myself:   www.youtube.com/watch
The Spider and the Lamps: www.youtube.com/watch
(one of my new favorite songs.  MAX BEMIS <33333)
It's Gotta Be the Butz  www.youtube.com/watch

TWO things you want to do  before you die:
-Write and publish novels.
-Get to meet, in Chobits terms, "The Someone Just For Me"

ONE confession:
My brain died trying to think of one.  8D


I dump everything on LJ.
Poor LJ.


Music I Have and Need to GetCollapse )Music I Have and Need to GetCollapse )

So.  Please comment on my DEVIANTART JOURNAL with any music recommendations.  I listen to anything.  Piano, classical, jazz, rock, punk, pop, cheesy 90's pop, hip hop....even if it's just a song, throw it at me: It'll go in my Other playlist, which I listen to a lot.

Socking Great Animuu Quiz lolwut?

Yeah, my LJ's just becoming a dump for quizzes, rants, and reviews...XD;....

Breaking Dawn




This is more of a quiz dump than anything else.

I've done this survey on DA before, but I want to do it again with other fandoms.  >_>  I don't know how many I'm going to do, so yeah.  Possibly long cut.

I'm bored, nobody reads this, stfu.

Mmmm, busybusy.

Yesterday we went to my little cousin Kaitlyn's birthday party, and Friday was friend Caitlin's birthday.  XD;  Happy birthday to both X3

So, I love my family so much.  Kaitlyn's party was themed "High School Musical", since she's absolutely nuts about it.  So, she got a couple of the singing Barbie dolls of the characters that I just want to fucking snap in half.  >___>  But they came with stands, so when Auntie Dar and I were setting it up and put the pole in, she calls Uncle Jerry over and says "Look, honey, your sister Patty bought our daughter a poledancer!"

...dear god, do I love them.

Then Aunt Debbie told me a bunch of funny embarassing stories when I was sitting with her and Auntie Dar, then we talked about  my stupid little kid embarassing stuff, like the time I was really young and Aunt Debbie bought me those Creepy Crawler things for Christmas...I just started screaming.  It's hilarious looking back on it, actually...XD  I used to hate people singing "Happy Birthday" to me (I still do...), and I could never open my presents in front of people (I have no idea why).

Then somehow, we got into this discussion:

Dad: That's why they make blow-up dolls.
Mom: I have a blow-up doll...his name is Herman. He's in the basement somewhere...
Dad: Honey, you've been saying that for years, you don't have the fuckin' blow-up doll anymore.
Mom: *horrified* Did you get rid of Herman?!
Dad: o_o; No.
Mom: Did you get rid of his parts?!
Us: O_____o........
Uncle Jerry: Yeah, Herman got a sex change.  Her name is Henrietta and she gets a visit from Dan every night.


I wish I had more time to relax X___X;  Friday night I said "fuck everything" and just curled up and watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl for the first time in over a year...

Some drunk guy crashed into the trees on our front lawn too, late Friday night early Saturday morning.

Hm...what else...

School sucks? =D

I have to get back to U.S. History now.